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WordPress blog hosting is a popular option todays

WordPress blog hosting is a popular option today, and many clients have asked us how it’s done. This is a process that requires your blog to be provided server space on the blog host. This isn’t an expensive thing to do, at all. With many free options out there, it is important to understand what works for your best interests and what does not. Here are a few basic steps to follow for hosting a WordPress blog. We hope it helps.


Step 1 : Choose a platform

You need to first choose the server where all your files will be uploaded. Today there are many free web hosts available, and one can choose from Bluehost, HostGator and SiteGround etc. However it is important to choose wisely and check thoroughly or your blog could end up looking unprofessional. With some hosts having limited design options, free providers often come with distracting ads as well. You can also choose a self-hosted platform and pay for your hosting. Prices are usually low, and it gives a lot of professionalism to your endeavor too.


Step 2 : Choose a package

After choosing a web host, you next need to choose a web hosting package. From a basic plan option to more advanced options, choose a package that suits your needs. Basic packages are a good place to start at, however if you plan to go big, then advanced settings may be better suited to your needs. These packages will differ on the basis of the email storage space offered, domains and other factors.


Step 3 : Choose a domain name

At this time, you need to choose a domain name, if you already haven’t chosen one. A name that is simple and catchy should do the trick. Also ensure that it is related to the things you will be blogging about. While some hosting sites allow for free domain names with a paid package, you can also choose a paid domain names for a free web hosting package too. Alternately, if you already have a domain name that you paid for, it can simply be connected to the web hosting account at this stage.


Step 4 : Installing WordPress

Creating a WordPress blog is easy, and all it needs is a few simple steps. Choose a password for your account, pick a relevant theme and get started on your ‘personal’ or ‘business’ blog. With a free blog, the content maybe identified with you, but the real owners are web hosts themselves. This means that when you’re moving to another platform, or your own domain, there is a risk of the data getting lost. You can now begin adding content and pages to your blog.