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About Our Company

Digital media is changing the way business is done. As a firm with young talent, our small and smart team, is here to help you ride that wave of change. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Kreative Click helps small and medium businesses, shape their digital content. From branding to designing communication across media channels, we help businesses with eye-catching design, well-worded content and relevant technology platforms. Creativity is our buzz word, and we do things differently and effectively.

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There is a right time to do the right thing, and Kreative Click helps you plan your communication accordingly. Long term goals and short term objectives are created through a blueprint, before taking action. This is undertaken after understanding client needs and business scenario.

Media purchase

With social media often being a free-to-use platform, certain paid features can get your business noticed better. Our team helps you identify the right media buying choices amidst the many that are available. Strategic media purchases allow you to reap the best benefits, without burning a hole in your pocket.


The online marketplace offers a plethora of solutions. However, rather than spreading themselves too thin, businesses need to focus on services that work in their advantage. Helping you choose the solutions, depending upon the market is our forte. We also help businesses in implementing and managing these solutions better.

We provide high quality and cost effective services

Our journey began as a social media agency a few years ago, and over time we understood that digital marketing was the way forward. As we provide end-to-end solutions for clients, we have built upon our strengths pragmatically. With a satisfied list of clients that continues to associate with us, the numbers are growing. Also, while we work with clients in Hamburg and are easily reachable, we are available online as well. With a good understanding of the German marketplace, we also team with people across the world, to give our clients a global advantage.

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